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Kunal K Kohle*, Deepak Vikhe, Vijaysingh Tanpure, Sanyukta Ingale

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Speech in phonetics: A review

Review Article

Author Details : Kunal K Kohle*, Deepak Vikhe, Vijaysingh Tanpure, Sanyukta Ingale

Volume : 7, Issue : 3, Year : 2021

Article Page : 137-142


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The proper knowledge of speech production and phonetic parameters will enables the clinician in fabrication of dentures with good phonetic capabilities. In achieving the optimum phonetic potential by providing correlation among three key objectives i.e. (mechanics, aesthetics and phonetics) of dentistry is the eventual goal of every dentist. This article provides a correlation between occlusion and speech, since the time these two factors are mostly not considered related to each other. But during phonation, the lower teeth functions independently and there remain no contact with upper teeth. This article also highlights the basic utilization of phonation as an indispensible part in placement of upper anterior teeth in complete and partial denture rehabilitation. This is basically because, while restoring natural teeth, we may have to depend on pre-extraction records in order to achieve necessary objectives. And if these records are missing, it is difficult to determining the position of artificial teeth. Hence here, we use phonetics as a guideline for proper placement of artificial teeth.

Keywords: Phonetics, Speech, Articulation

How to cite : Kohle K K, Vikhe D, Tanpure V, Ingale S, Speech in phonetics: A review. IP Ann Prosthodont Restor Dent 2021;7(3):137-142

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