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Poonam Prakash*, Ambika Narayanan

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Biomechanics in dental implants

Review Article

Author Details : Poonam Prakash*, Ambika Narayanan

Volume : 7, Issue : 3, Year : 2021

Article Page : 131-136


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Achieving primary stability in dental implants is crucial factor for accomplishing successful osteointegration with bone. Micro-motions higher than the threshold of 50 to 100 ?m can lead to formation of fibrous tissue at the bone-to-implant interface. Therefore, osteointegration may be vitiated due to insufficient primary stability. Osseointegration is defined as a direct and functional connection between the implant biomaterial and the surrounding bone tissue. Osseointegration development requires an initial rigid implant fixation into the bone at the time of surgery and a secondary stage of new bone apposition directly onto the implant surface. Dental implants function to transfer the load to the surrounding biological tissues. Due to the absence of a periodontal ligament, its firm anchorage to bone, various forces acting on it and the presence of prosthetic components, they share a complex biomechanical relationship. The longevity of these osseointegrated implants depend on optimizing these complex interactions. Hence, the knowledge of forces acting on implant, design considerations of implant and bone mechanics is essential to fabricate an optimized implant supported prosthesis.

Keywords: Dental Implant, Biomechanics, Bone­implant interface, Osseointegration, stability

How to cite : Prakash P, Narayanan A, Biomechanics in dental implants. IP Ann Prosthodont Restor Dent 2021;7(3):131-136

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