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Anita Kapri*, Saurabh Arya, Priyavrat Soni, Oliver Jacob

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Management of lagopthalmus with gold implant: A case report

Case Report

Author Details : Anita Kapri*, Saurabh Arya, Priyavrat Soni, Oliver Jacob

Volume : 7, Issue : 2, Year : 2021

Article Page : 101-104


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Blinking covers the eye with a thin layer of tear fluid, thereby promoting a moist environment necessary for the cells of the exterior part of the eye. The tears also flush out foreign bodies and wash them away. This is crucial to maintain lubrication and proper health of the eye. In lagophthalmus, there is inability to close the eyelid and loss of blinking mechanism, thereby resulting in corneal dryness, ulceration, abrasion and infection. It may occur due to facial nerve damage secondary to trauma, iatrogenic due to surgery, tumour or Bell’s palsy. Initial symptomatic management is directed towards ocular surface lubrication. Viscous
artificial tears are used or thin polyethylene film may be applied over the eyes to reduce evaporative drying. Temporary or permanent tarsorrhaphy may be required in some cases. Changing the position of either the top or bottom eyelid can help relieve the symptoms of lagopthalmus. A prosthetic procedure involves implanting gold weights into the upper eyelid, which allows the eyes to close by gravity. A case report of management of Lagophthalmus is presented here.

Keywords: Lagophthalmus, Gold implant, Prosthetics.

How to cite : Kapri A , Arya S , Soni P , Jacob O , Management of lagopthalmus with gold implant: A case report. IP Ann Prosthodont Restor Dent 2021;7(2):101-104

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